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4 days ago money, career and more. At Astrology King, your weekly Leo Tarot card is randomly. Leo Weekly Horoscope October 7, Monday to.
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Posted on October 8, Updated on September 26, Goals can be realized through hard work and dedication. So spring into action, and make real your vision. Once your efforts are through, your dreams will surely come true. Posted on October 7, Updated on October 7, Today, Venus leaves home sign of Libra, and moves into Scorpio, its sign of detriment. Right now, you are sandwiched between two aspects involving the Sun yesterday, the Sun squared Saturn, and tomorrow, the Sun will quincunx Neptune.

While the square is waning today, you can still feel a bit let down, perhaps depressed, or even lacking in optimism. With the quincunx building, if you are a believer in positive affirmations, you will find the Sun working to rebuild your ego and confidence. The Sun is all about fun, feeling favored by the Universe, and bringing light, vitality, and warmth to the situation.

The mere depiction of the two adorable dogs palling around is a good indicator of the positive adventures to be had today. Remember, if these two aspects of the Sun surrounding you are in any way affecting your energy, reaffirm your intentions for the day in a positive and optimistic way. Posted on October 7, Updated on September 26, We dread any form of muscle activation. We roll when there is an incline available, but when we really need to go somewhere, we ride!

Sprouting wings on our bikes to fly, reaching for the sky. So are you game, or are you game? Vroom vroom vroooooooooom! Posted on October 6, Updated on October 6, Today, this beautiful 6 of Pentacles Earth , comes to us at a very appropriate time. The Moon is in none other than Aquarius today, the sign of the humanitarian. When we see the 6 of Pentacles, we are reminded to share our resources, of which, the most important is time. It is easy to perform charitable gestures, such as paying it forward, and while they are indeed commendable, your time is the most valuable thing which you have to offer.

It could be helping the proverbial old lady cross the street, or sitting down to have a chat with someone who normally would not have someone with whom to hold a conversation. This card also comes with the caution not to overextend oneself, while operating under the pretense of doing good, for you can deplete your resources, leaving nothing for you, or anyone else for that matter. It is not meant to be a Scrooge, but rather to maintain a balance in the give-and-take of life.

Today, being a Monday, is also a good time to delegate, share the workload, if you will. Remember, you can still maintain control without shouldering the entire load yourself.

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Posted on October 6, Updated on September 29, Light Seer: grieving, disillusion, disappointment, betrayal, bitterness, wallowing, self-pity, can signify a broken heart. Shadow Seer: not letting go of past trauma, crying over spilled milk, rooting deeply into shadow work without healing and letting go, old stories that become a part of us, callousness, becoming jaded. In order to avoid a calloused heart, find seeds of forgiveness and release yourself from any guilt around the situation.

You did what you could, at the time. Allow your tender heart to navigate towards truth, and towards the curative magic of finding faith in your future.

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If you are having a hard time letting go of the past and losing your ability to dream as a result! Dismantle your grief, reclaim your happiness, and consciously step back towards a path filled with the anticipation of hope.


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Posted on October 5, Updated on October 5, Curiosity could lead you to some wonderful discoveries today, prompting new ideas in the spur of the moment. The Page of Swords is a thinker, a bit of a curious fellow, and there is no telling what he may get into, when unsupervised. Use your mental energy constructively today, and be prepared to put ideas into motion. You will not wish to wait, as Mercury will be entering its shadow phase on the 11th, preparing to retrograde from October 31 through November On the flip side, the Page of Swords can be a tad impulsive, leading him to forget his duties in pursuit of more fanciful things, and his follow-through can leave something to be desired.

Be certain to think your thoughts through clearly before acting upon them, then proceed to devote the proper energy to each project so as to achieve fulfillment. If your schedule will permit it, you can also go somewhere you have never been for a change of scenery. A new and beautiful place can do wonders to your physical and mental well-being. If you feel that a quick getaway will be good for your burnout, go for it! But before you book that trip, make sure that you are able to afford it without returning home broke. The quickest way to suffer from work exhaustion or burnout is by not taking a break.

When you start to feel exhausted this month, take some time off!

The key days in May, as far as Leo career and money horoscope is concerned, are May 8 th , May 16 th , and May 29 th , Your finances will be okay, and you will be on time with your payments. There may also be some expenditures that will come as a shock but nothing that you cannot afford. Towards the end of the month, you may receive some good news regarding an opportunity to learn a new skill. This may be a workshop that you have been meaning to join, or a talk by your favorite motivational speaker, or a webinar that will give an in-depth instruction on something which you use often at work.

Go ahead and sign up! The key days in June, as far as Leo career and money horoscope is concerned, are June 8 th , June 13 th , and June 25 th , But towards the end of the month, you can expect it to be easier and more rewarding. There may be problems at work, or with colleagues, bosses, and clients. Just start each day on a positive note, deal with colleagues happily until they become happy themselves, and concentrate on the job at hand.

You may win something off an online contest. Your YouTube video may receive a few thousand likes. These little pleasures that did not cost you a thing will certainly end your month on a high note. The key days in July, as far as Leo career and money horoscope is concerned, are July 18 th , July 21 st , and July 22 nd , When the month of August approaches, Leo can expect challenges in the career and money sector to disappear.

Things related to your finances will shape up and start to improve. The same goes for those who have been working too hard. You will finally finish the project you have been painstakingly working on. You will also be receiving calls from job recruiters who will invite you for an interview after weeks of not hearing anything. You may also start receiving rebates, and you may be entitled to redeem points and shop without having to pay for anything.

There will be a chance to have a mini holiday, and there will be a steady flow of work. This month will have just the right kind of balance. The key days in August, as far as Leo career and money horoscope is concerned, are August 8 th , August 18 th , and August 24 th , There will be days when your inbox will be filled with urgent emails, but there will also be days when you can finish reading a whole book at your workstation. Before you politely decline, think about the good it will do to your reputation in your organization.

Also think about the projects that your boss will entrust you with in the future.

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If you have any plans of advancing your career, you will take the project and do a phenomenal job with it. If you want something good to happen to your career or your financial status, you have to do something about it and make your own luck. The key days in September, as far as Leo career and money horoscope is concerned, are September 11 th , September 18 th , and September 26 th , When October comes, Leo can expect to move in a positive direction, especially when it comes to career and money. Although there may be times this month when finances will be a little erratic, there will still be financial stability because you made sure to put away extra money for emergency purposes.

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You will find a solution and turn the situation around. This is also one of the main reasons why friends and family come to you for help. As much as this is your strength, this can also become your weakness.

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People may try to take advantage of your kindness and generosity. At the first sign of trouble, they will come to you for aid without first looking for solutions themselves. Be wary of people who only remember you when they are in a bind. Stay away from people who only maintain a relationship with you because of the help that you can extend to them when they need it.

The key days in October, as far as Leo career and money horoscope is concerned, are October 10 th , October 14 th , and October 26 th , It can be a big or small project, but the amount of attention and creativity you will put into it will be pretty much the same. It may be hard to believe, but you will enjoy working this month.

If you are given the chance to work on something that will make you feel very happy and inspired, you should not let this chance get away! The key days in November, as far as Leo career and money horoscope is concerned, are November 11 th , November 13 th , and November 21 st , It will be a very busy and exciting month for Leo, especially when it comes to career and money matters. Some changes may impact your job. There may be incidents where projects that you have been expecting to turn a profit will fail to do so, while others that you regarded as small projects are raking it in.

You just need to change your plans a bit and be flexible with the turnout. There will be losses, but there will also be profits. This month will keep you on your toes, but it will turn out well in the end. You win some and you lose some. In the future, it will help you anticipate incidents like this and come up with a back-up plan. It will be a good month overall. A lot of your clients this year will be repeat customers in the future, so make sure that you keep a good professional relationship with them.

The key days in December, as far as Leo career and money horoscope is concerned, are December 8 th , December 17 th , and December 23 rd , It will be a very interesting year filled with so many changes.